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 Sales Team

We partner with technology companies to

accelerate and scale their sales teams

On-demand SDR's

Qualified leads, new opportunities, REVenue. 

Quality not quantity

In a traditional sales organization, Sales Development Representatives (SDR) are typically the first point of contact with prospective clients. That's why training is our top priority. Our teams are trained and follow our sales playbook in order to successfully prospect and generate qualified leads 

Time kills all deals ....... and revenue

Recruiting, training and ramping up SDR's can take 2-3 months. Our SDR's will be ready to support your team in 2 weeks. You can easily scale up or down throughout the year. 

Cost does matter

Building and scaling an SDR team can be expensive. Operational and opportunity costs due to recruiting efforts, training, management, employee salaries and benefits are all cost considerations to make when utilizing headcount. We can reduce your costs by 30-50% a year. 


Our Process 

Simple, quick and scalable. 



Once you interview and are assigned an SDR, we kindly ask for your sales deck, recorded sales pitch, and targeted:

  • industry

  • accounts

  • persona's



Our SDR's will learn your solution, value proposition & goals. They will then craft effective messaging that they will review with your Account Executive. While we provide sales tooling, we do ask for:

  • company email 

  • access to Salesforce (optional)



Our team becomes fully dedicated to your success. Their responsibilities can include: 

  • market research

  • inbound/outbound prospecting

  • follow up on marketing campaigns 

  • management of online chat responsiveness 


About Us 

RevDash is a globally distributed growth partner specifically working with technology companies to help accelerate revenue.
After years of leading sales efforts across startups and large enterprise technology companies, we've cracked the code on breaking into greenfield accounts. Our experience comes from long successful careers at:

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